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Dana Robinson

Who is this guy?  Who is Dana Robinson, really?  Some say he’s a partner at one of San Diego’s largest IP boutique law firms.  Other say they recently saw him vagabonding in Bali, Indonesia.  You might Google him and find his courses on, or see his CreativeMornings talk.  Some say he’s an entrepreneur and co-founded a shoe company back in 2001 (Esquivel), an audiobook company in 2005 (eChristian), and wine barrel maker in 2010 (ModernCooperage).  Some say he’s an academic, teaching at University of San Diego School of Law.

You might find one of Dana’s books about business, or his trademark prosecution casebook for lawyers and law students.  You also might trip across a blog or podcast where Dana preaches about how to live a balanced life.

Legend has it that Dana owned a coffeehouse way back before it was cool…like 1992.  Dig deep enough and you may find that Dana is a licensed real estate broker.  One source says that he has a FINRA Series 79 license to broker whole companies. He was once asked if he was a real estate mogul.  No, unfortunately not, he would reply.

Is Dana a web tycoon?  Again, unfortunately not.  While Dana alleges that he taught himself HTML, JavaScript and other web programming back in the 1990’s, his 1998 venture did not land him on the list of Dot Com era companies.

Dana is actually just a middle class kid from North San Diego whose ambitions have lead him through a life of wonderful experiences in life and business.  His latest venture is Trademarkery, LLC, an angel-funded startup that focuses on what Dana knows best: managing trademarks.  The software platform launched (beta) in April, 2014, as Trademark Bank, and allows trademark owners to track their registration and never miss a critical date, and also provides a sophisticated Watch Service to help brand owners get notified when competing trademarks are filed.  Trademarkery shares its office with Techlaw LLP in Sunny San Diego, where the Trademarkery team and Techlaw trademark experts interact daily.