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Trademarkery, LLC is a San Diego-based startup that focuses on developing products that automate legal processes.  The company’s current focus is Trademark Bank, which helps trademark owners manage and monitor their marks.  Trademark Bank features a sophisticated search tool for conducting in-depth searches of USPTO trademark data.  Trademark Bank also provides a means to calendar a trademark registration and monitor the progress of registration so that trademark owners don’t miss critical dates.  Finally, Trademark Bank provides a “watch service” that helps mark owners watch for infringing trademarks.

Trademark Bank brings its tools to the masses, helping individuals manage their own trademarks.  However, the services are built with trademark attorneys in mind.  The docketing features are sufficient for mid-to-large portfolios of trademarks, and at highly competitive prices.

The company is the brainchild of entrepreneur and IP attorney Dana Robinson, and the management team includes attorneys and a paralegal from his law practice.  “We built this for our own practice,” says Robinson, “but it is simple enough for the average person to use.”

The company has plans for expanding its software to corporate maintenance, other areas of IP, and international IP.