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Trademarkery, LLC is developing unique solutions to legal problems that help both legal practitioners and the general public.  Legal software for the masses.

Built by trademark attorneys for everyone!

Trademarkery is the brainchild of trademark attorney/entrepreneur Dana Robinson.  His goal was to create software that could be used for large portfolios of trademarks, but would be simple enough for a non-attorney to use.  Trademark Bank is a click-it-and-forget it system that lets individuals track their trademark and avoid missing a critical deadline.  Along the way, the team developed a sophisticated search engine for searching the USPTO records, and also developed a unique Watch Service that allows users to protect their trademark rights by watching for infringing marks.

Trademark Bank

Trademarkery operates an innovative trademark management system called Trademark Bank.  With Trademark Bank, attorneys and non-attorneys alike can:

  • Search the USPTO database
  • Calendar their trademark and get reminders of critical dates
  • Watch for possible infringing marks

All with the click of a mouse!